Nicks Strory

I have been thinking about getting hair implantation surgery and as I finally made my decision I started looking for a reliable clinic in Dubai. I wanted to make sure that the procedure would be done by the professionals in a safe environment. I found what I was looking for, Hair Implant in Dubai ticked every box in my checklist. I was pleased with the proficiency of their medical personal. I had consultations first where they helped me with making an optimal decision and then got a perfect surgery. Staff is very friendly and all the doctors are experienced and make your journey pleasant. They know what they are doing and care about their customers. I have no complaints about the equipment or staff, both were excellent. I’m very grateful and recommend Hair Implant Dubai to everyone who wants to get hair implants, just go for it and let Hair Implant Dubai impress you.

James Story

I have never thought of getting hair implant until I saw the results that my coworker got. He suggested Hair Implant in Dubai so I got the surgery done. My surgeon was really nice, he explained everything thoroughly, talked about risks and what I should have expected. I got the surgery done in a clean, modern equipped environment. I got about 5000 hair follicles transplanted by follicular unit strip surgery. I had a little pain and hair started to fall out 2 weeks after the surgery, but I knew it was normal and was relaxed as I knew I was in professionals hands. I saw the final results after 8 months from the surgery and I could not believe my eyes. My new hair looks so natural you can’t even tell that I had a surgery. Even now, 2 years after the surgery I feel satisfied as I look in the mirror. Thank you Hair Implant Dubai for a quality service. You helped my self-confidence to build back after so many years. Highly recommended!

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